International Journal of Chinese Medicine

Volume 6, Issue 1, March 2022

  • The Application of Haishi EEG Biofeedback in Post-stroke Insomnia (PSI)

    Wang Huanqun, Zou Weiwu, Gan Ting

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 1-7
    Received: 29 December 2021
    Accepted: 15 January 2022
    Published: 24 January 2022
    Abstract: [Objective] Selected the Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation, Chongqing Yongchuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, from July 2020 to July 2021, inpatients who meet 60 cases of post-stroke insomnia patients, use the insomnia treatment instrument ES-100H EEG biofeedback treatment instrument Two electrodes are placed at the post-auricu... Show More
  • Comparison of Drug-eluting Balloon Versus Drug-eluting Stent in de Novo Coronary Artery Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

    Cao Mingkun, Yinyuxia, Wang Zhiyong, Zhang Haijun

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 8-14
    Received: 1 September 2021
    Accepted: 16 September 2021
    Published: 28 January 2022
    Abstract: Background: Drug- eluting balloon (DEB) and drug- eluting stent (DES) are widely used in cardiovascular interventional surgery. But the long-term safety of DEB is unclear. Objective: To compare the efficacy and safety of DEB with DES for the treatment of de novo coronary artery disease (CAD). Methods: We conducted a meta-analysis of relevant studie... Show More
  • The Clinical Research on the Anticancer Action of Si-Miao Yong-An Decoction

    He Ya Ping, Hou Ming Yan, Wu Yv, Peng Hai Yan

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 15-19
    Received: 16 January 2022
    Accepted: 27 January 2022
    Published: 9 February 2022
    Abstract: Background: Si-Miao Yong-An Decoction is composed of four herbs: honeysuckle, Radix Sophora, Angelica and Licorice. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and clearing collaterals. It is a famous ancient formula for the treatment of gangrene, and is now widely used in the treatment of multiple dis... Show More