International Journal of Chinese Medicine

Aims and Scope

International Journal of Chinese Medicine (ISSN Online: 2578-9473, ISSN Print: 2578-9465) is an open access, online journal. This journal dedicated to keep in step with the latest research progress in clinical efficacy and action mechanism of Chinese medicine, biomedical sciences, and psychology that are relevant and significant to Chinese medicine. It is a valuable resource for students and professionals in the related field throughout the world.

The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:

  • Indigenous medical techniques
  • Medicinal plants
  • Health care
  • Public health
  • Ayurveda
  • Chinese herbology
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Hiv/Aids
  • Therapeutic procedures
  • Traditional medical theories
  • Medical practice
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Capsicum plaster
  • Chinese ophthalmology
  • Chinese patent medicine

Guidelines for preparing your manuscript can be found in the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines. Once your manuscript is ready, you may proceed to the Submission page to complete the process.